Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Using Silhouette Studio Software on IPAD

Did you know you can use the Silhouette Studio software on your IPAD?  I was skeptical, but I tried anyway and it worked!

I downloaded an app on the IPAD called Splashtop.  It's an application that mirrors your desktop/laptop computer.  Anything that is on your computer will run on the laptop. 

I have to say, it's not as easy to use as setting at my desktop/laptop and using a mouse, but it can be done.  Also, I can't print/cut without being right by my base unit to load the paper/mat.   However, I can sit in front of the TV while my honey watches TV and create a design using only my IPAD.   It takes a little playing around with it to get used to the commands using your finger in lieu of a mouse, but I figured it out in a matter of a couple of minutes of playing. 

The Splashtop App is $6.99 for your IPAD.  It's $2.99 for your Iphone.  Yep, you can use the software on your Iphone, too, but let me just say, that's not easy.... or worth it in my opinion.

I'm at work now, but when I get home, I will try and take some photos or video to show you how it works.  I'm so excited! 

Not only can I access the Silhouette Software, but my Photoshop, and all the other software on my base unit.

This video is poor and cuts out in the middle, I tried to record it quickly this morning and found it hard to hold the phone to record while trying to manipulte the software, but you can see, it does work.