Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mambi meets Thermoweb! Inspirational Desk Frame

TowMambi-ProductHello there!  It's Lorrie here.  I've got a super easy, but oh so fun project for you today!  I made an inspirational desk calendar using the amazing products above by Thermoweb and Mambi.
TOWMAM1Begin with a regular 5 x 7 picture frame.  Remove the glass and punch two holes in the backing of the frame.  Insert jump rings.
TOWMamb2Add the fun inspirational messages to the jump rings using a hole punch.  Glue glitter stars to the clear acetate by using the Thermoweb Fabric Fuse Glue.  Add a bright pink Mambi Arrow with a Thermoweb foam square.
TowMAMB3Super easy page, simply punch holes and add to the jump ring.  Glue the arrow with Fabric Fuse.
TOWMAMB5Add the clear acetate page using a sticky dot behind the words and attach to the star silver/white 3 x 4 card by Mambi.
tow1Use the Thermoweb Mini Tape Runner to attach the black glitter paper to the gold Mambi paper.  Use Sticky dots to attach the Today is a Gift card to the glitter.  Add Deco Photo Corners to the edges of the yellow paper.TOW-MAMB6Sew a pocket using one of the clear acetate cards on the striped paper, add the star with Fabric Fuse.  Pop the arrow with Foam Squares, add a deco Photo Corner.TOW-MAMB9

That's it.  Add a 5 x 7 Mambi inspirational message to the inside of the frame.  All that's left is to remember to place it some place to remind you of the incredibly simple messages that will make you take a minute to realize what a positive attitude can do to make your day a little bit brighter.