Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pocket Letters - July 2015

 It's official.  I've gone off the deep end with Pocket Letters!
 I find them so very relaxing.  Just quick little pockets decorate.   I can work for a few minutes, walk away and pick up where I left off.
 It fits my crafty lifestyle
 I love the themes.  By the time I finish, sometimes I can't seem the theme at all, but it's a starting point, a diving board, if you will....
 Set a theme... and leap... see where you end up.  Find out what's at the bottom of the pool.  :)

 You never know what might be down there.

Maybe you were just going for a camera ready theme?

 vintage cameras, perhaps?
 Doesn't really matter.  The theme for this one was actually "the sky is the limit".  How did I get here?
 I love to see them all bundled up and ready to be mailed.  So cute!
 and even better unwrapped and ready to go
 How can bright sunny colors not, (at the very least) put a smile on your face when you open this cheerful Pocket Letter
 Or a sunshine yellow?   Hello Summer.  I am loving you at this moment.
 makes me want some lemon ice cream... yummo!

Here's a fun video preview of my July 2015 pocket letters