Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Missing you

Another lesson in the Hybrid class. Kind of fun!

Hybrid card

I, of course, signed up for the free J-Sprague class on cardmaking. It's all about digi/paper hybrid cards. This card (2nd assignment in the class) was all made from plain white cardstock (except for the brown card base and the green ribbon). All the pattern papers and the embellishments were just printed from the printer, kinda neat, eh? But that certainly doesn't help me use my stash that is continually growing! LOL

Friday, June 18, 2010

Needed to paper scrap so I made some cards

I think this is one of my most favorite cards I've ever made. It's got a lot going on compared to my usual... but I love these colors. The papers are all from Taylored Expressions May kit. You have probably noticed I've been on the same color scheme lately... it's all part of this kit.

This card is from another kit.. and also out of my norm a little bit. I'm not a big inker... I love the look, it just never looks right when I do it. I always feel like it just looks sloppy when I ink edges, but I keep trying.. those crafty cardmakers that do it so perfectly keep making it Look easy.. I figure one of these times I'll "get it". LOL

I've been focusing so hard on my Art of Digital Design class that I'm to the point of burn out. I needed to get back into my craft room and touch some real paper and create, therefore, I've been on a card making frenzy lately. I haven't even taken the time to do my digi weekly layouts. There's just so much time involved in this class that the last thing I want to do when I have free time is do I'm taking a bit of a break. My brain has learned/absorbed about all it can handle the last four weeks... we've still got one more week to go before class is over, then its testing time... don't get me wrong.. the class is great.. but I really needed to just get back to the fun of things, touch some paper and just make something without the objective of "learning something"... I don't think I'm going to pursue trying to sell my digi creations.. seriously.. it takes a TON of time. I like the process, I love learning all the awesome techniques... but I also love scrapping (digi and paper).. and I don't want to take it and make it a job, I like to do it when I want and just go willy nilly..not have to "perform" on demand. So... my hope is to create some things when I have the time and inclination and offer them as free downloads (if anyone would like them)... and keep my passion for scrapping a hobby... not a job. I'm sure I'm rambling at this point.. I guess by writing it out I'm giving myself permission to CHILLAX.. and remember this is supposed to be fun... not stressful. :)

We Make the Pefect Pair

Another card for nothing in particular! LOL If you follow my 365 blog, I apologize for posting in both placed, but I like to keep all my cards/layouts on this blog and since I didn't have a picture for today, this card had to pull double duty. :) This card is "missing something".. I just haven't figured it out yet. Everything I try to add to it just doesn't fit.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Quick Thank you

Just a quick thank you card for a friend.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Smile Card

Just messing around....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Get Well Card

Made this card for Cliff this morning. We're heading up to the hospital in a little bit. They (he and Betty), love birds and bird houses...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A free Jessica Sprague Class!!!

You may know that I am a Jessica Sprague junkie... if you didn't, you do now! :) Well in honor of her websites 3rd birthday, she's offering a free class. If you are interested in learning photoshop and/or digital scrapbooking I HIGHLY recommend her classes. She is so talented and her teaching method is so amazing. She walks you step by step through the process of learning Photoshop. You can go at your own pace, watch the video lessons when it's convenient to you. Here's the little blurb she has on her website about the free class.

"Do you want another gift? Can you handle another one that is just as fabulous as the last? Announcing a BRAND NEW class, Computer Tricks for Cardmaking! And guess what? IT'S FREE! Registration for this FREE class will run June 14th-28th with class starting on the 28th."

If you would like to visit her website and/or register, click HERE.

Monday, June 7, 2010

These cards are not my original ideas. They were in "Card Creations" magazine, but I thought they were so cute I wanted to try. So, here's my attempt at a couple Father's Day Shirt cards. So fun to make!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Missing you

Made this one in literally about 5 minutes! lol I was sitting here watching yet another update on the BP oil spill and this popped in my head, so I got up, grabbed my scallop square punch and some cardstock out of the scrap bin... voila! :)
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