Friday, August 7, 2009

Look what Brenda and Nanne and Kim S gave me! Thanks so much Brenda ad Nanne for thinking of me, it really means a lot! I will be passing this award out shortly, I'm supposed to pass this out to 12 people, so I'm going to choose the ones who have taken the time to stop by and leave comments on my blog and to some who are just starting out with blogs... here goes

1. Jeri

2. Bridget

3. Shawna

4. Craft Junkie

5. Jo

6. BugJunkie

7. Magoo


  1. Thanks a lot Lorrie. It so cool to receive these cute blog awards especially from sweet and funny friends like you. I will post it on the right side of my blog. Thanks!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks so much Lorrie!!! It may take me a couple of days to put it up on my blog and hand it out but I promise I will. I love these awards!! I think they are so cute!!!


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