Sunday, January 17, 2010

The dress choices

Well for those of you who follow my 365 blog you know that we went dress shopping and I said I'd post more pictures of the backs and fronts of the different dresses... so here ya go....

This was dress #3.... it was beautiful. Very traditional, very heavy and formal

This was dress #2... the picture really does not do it justice. The people in the store were commenting how pretty it was. It was sophisticated and fresh looking with the drop beaded waist. Very untraditional, with a short train

And dress #1.. the one that's her favorite. It is very pretty. They put a cathedral veil on with it that has just a hint of sparkle on it and really accentuates the buttons that go all the way down the back and down the train. It is a beautiful dress. Again, all the dresses are much prettier in person... the pictures just don't catch the essence of each dress. Also, the dresses at this store to try on are pretty much all the same size so they just pin them up (or clamp) to fit you, this dress is a size 12 and Ashlea is a size 4-6... so it looks a bit too big in the front

That is not her train behind her in the photo below. There's another "bride" trying on gowns behind her. We made friends with them. She was also a gorgeous bride to be. I kept giving her my opinion... (which I'm sure she LOVED!!! LOL) I couldn't help myself!

Thanks for sharing your day with me
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