Saturday, February 13, 2010

Challenge #8 - Book about me

Challenge #8 was the high school years. This was more of a challenge for me. I dated my ex husband all through high school and didn't want to particularly scrap him (he's a good guy and my kids dad...but he's my ex). So I just used some general photos.
If you're interested in seeing the rest of the book so far click HERE

Thanks for sharing your day with me


  1. LOL.. Barb is so funny. Super cute layouts

  2. Love the pages and the pictures. Oh my where has time gone?

  3. I think its great that you can still scrap hiim even though he's your ex, but he is still part of you past. Great layout. Im so happy to see you still doing the book. I never started, wish I had.

  4. awww you are sooo adorable in the photos!!! Great layout!


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