Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And she scores!!!

Having fun with the camera and Katie. I took her out and tossed the ball, then tried to shoot on continuous photos really quick. I got several of her just getting ready to catch the ball. I know, I know enough of the dog pictures... but I get so excited!! LOL And don't look at the messy yard.. remember a week ago we had snow the ground, then rain all weekend. This weekend is yard cleanup.. although the weatherman is saying the S-Word for Sunday!! I refuse to believe it!


  1. awww how cute!! I just signed up for the photo class as JS, maybe now I"ll know what that continuous photo thingy is for....

    Your doggy is just adorable! ;) :)

  2. What a awesome picture.... oh no not the S word.

  3. I need a DSLR to play with too!

  4. Great photo and all of your cards are great too. Sorry was taking a blog break. My blog is caught up now and I am visiting the others I have missed. I love all of your cards. It is great how you do so many styles. I like to stick with my favs but I like the way you venture out. Very pretty, all of those posts below!


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