Sunday, April 4, 2010

Final Class Project

This is my final class project for the class. We had to write a "fairy tale" about an object that we have a personal connection with. I don't think my layout is quite what Jessica had in mind (I imagine she thought light, uplifting fairy tale), but it fit my situation. ........and yes, I saw the typo. :(


  1. I wish the print was bigger so I could read your story..

  2. This journaling is so beautiful, sad and uplifting at the same time. You did a wonderful job! Sandy, you can see if bigger if you click on the image.

  3. ok so I had to go run and get some tissues. Im glad you have that special necklace to bring you peace when you need your mom around.

  4. Oh Lorrie, I am just speechless that is so sad. BIG HUGS to you


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