Saturday, November 27, 2010

tweaking my blog

I have been tweaking my blog. I changed the format.. first to a three column, then back to a two column, but with larger images... tell me what you think... can you see the sides on your screen? I added a different signature, deleted the post dividers and just a few other little tweeks.


  1. hi no sides show on mine . I like the scallop and mittens but your old font for the siggy.

  2. I love it. Do you not like the 3 columns?

  3. Sandy,
    I just think the 3-column look very busy. I like the cleaner, more open look with larger pictures. Just my preference. I've seen a lot of 3-column very cute blogs, I just prefer less.

  4. me again. I love the photos big but it makes for a lot of scrolling to see the rest of the post. I prefer what you originally had. ~b~


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