Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snowman Soup, Anyone?

I was inspired by Bridget's Snowman Soup packages she made for her boys... they are ooooh sooo cute! For Doug's family Christmas at his parent's house each person has a stocking hanging on mantle. Each family brings something fun to stuff in the other stockings... it's an easy way to buy for everyone and it's always just fun little things. With the families quickly growing, buying everyone a big gift is too hard. So.. again, inspired by Bridget's cute idea, I made this one. Yes, I see the typo... luckily this was just a prototype and I only made the one, just didn't retake the photos! :)

This is the front:

and the back:


  1. Very cute and love the photography. you really need to pursue that!

  2. How very cute! Makes me want a cup right now! Typo? What typo? I couldn't find it and I TRIED! Love the colors too!

  3. Lorrie, I love how yours turned out. I know they will love them. :)

  4. This is too adorable and such a wonderful idea. I think I will have to scraplift for next year. ;) Super Cute!!

  5. Aww Lorrie, thanks for posting my snowman soup. I had wondered where all the traffic was coming from. Your's is super cute:) Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.


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