Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mouse Paper Scissors - Happy Book

I've been a bad blogger as of late.  My son, Alex, has been home from College for the week (Spring Break), so instead of having my face glued to the computer all week, I've been enjoying seeing his gorgeous face.  Also keeping me busy has been the Spague classes.  This was the latest project we made in the Mouse Paper Scissors class.  The assignment was to make it for yourself, as a reminder of the little things that make you happy in your life, but I made mine for a friend.  All of the papers on this book were digital papers and 90% of the elements were digital as well.  It's really bright and cheery.  The photos don't show how cute it is.  :)


  1. HI girlfriend, I went looking for you through my blogger dashboard but did not see this post until I came directly here. Gorgeous colors!!
    hey if ya want to put a feed burner subscriber on your blog you can go to mine and copy it - then I can get your blog post via email. Aren't I lazy but you know how much I hate scrolling through my dashboard for posts and don't do google reader.
    Have a great Sunday. I can tell you did tons of work on this!! I have had an awful weekend. Non stop paper work for 12 hours a day! ugh!

  2. Lorrie, Im happy you put the computer aside to spend quality time with Alex. Im sure you guys had lots of fun. Maybe even hit the Hacienda. lol
    I know I have been spending as much time with Dominic knowing he will be off to college in Aug. :(
    This is a super cute album you made for your friend.


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