Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weightloss...... update

Well I haven't posted about the weightloss for awhile. I weighed myself a couple of times and weighed the exact same, even though my clothes were/are continuing to fit differently each day. So I layed off weighing for awhile and you know what... as of yesterday I'm down 14 pounds! Yay! The beauty of it for me is it's been more of a life style change rather than a diet. I have changed my breakfast routine and lunch routine and still eat what I want for dinner. On the weekend I usually bake something fun and I eat it when I want. I really believe it's all about the portion control and not depriving your body of this or that.


  1. yay! good for you. I know how hard weight loss can be. I'm down 9 pounds and have done the same thing. I don't deprive myself much I just don't eat as much and cut down the carbs in the evening. Congrats!! Keep it up!!


  2. Fantastic Lorrie, Im right there with you. Keep up the good work. :)


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