Wednesday, June 29, 2011

BBQ Sundae

A few years ago, I went to Tennessee for work and we stayed at a resort called Blackberry Farms.  It was a beautiful, picturesque place in the middle of the mountains.  They served smores at night by the fire, there was very little cell phone signal (a fact which I didn't appreciate until after I left! LOL).  They also featured breathtaking views of the mountains, vineyards, etc.  Upon our arrival the restaurant wasn't quite open yet and we were all starving, so they directed us to go sit on the hill on these amazing huge wooden anarondak  chairs which were painted in a rainbow of colors.  As we sat there taking in the fresh air and nature all around they served us lemonade in mason jars.  It reminded me of my younger years at grandmothers house.  A bit later they let us know that they had prepared a little lunch for us.  That little lunch was a BBQ Sundae.  It was sooo good and so unexpected.  I tried to duplicate it tonight.  I think this would be so fun to serve for Memorial Day, 4th of July or Labor Day cookouts.  It's very simple.  A layer of baked beans, a layer of coleslaw and topped off with a layer of pork BBQ with a slice of dill pickle as garnish.  It may not sound all that great, but it is.  You start off with the hot BBQ, then you start to dip into that cold coleslaw and by the end the baked beans have a bit of all of the heaven that was on top.  I am not one that likes my food mixed up or touching, but really, you should try this.  Serve it in a mason jar or a glass with a fork, you guests will have fun and the best part... no mess! :)
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