Friday, January 20, 2012

Another Art Journaling Class Assignment

This is my latest completed assignment at Jessica Sprague's Digital Art Journaling Class.  This one was to represent "GOALS".    I am an assignment (or 2) behind.  It's been such a crazy week, I haven't had a chance to do much of anything. 

I decided to sell my Cricut and all of my cartridges.  I listed on Facebook, Craigs List and then on the Cricut Messaageboard.  I wasn't prepared.  Within minutes of listing on the messageboard I literally starting receiving a ton of emails.  It was going so fast.. questions coming in.. do you have this cartridge, that cartridge... how much for this, how much for that.  WHEW!  In one day I sold quite a bit of my stuff, but still have a lot left to sell.  The Cricut itself, all the accessories and still about 50 cartridges.  I think I will list on ebay.  Anyway... sorry I haven't posted anything much lately, but life happens! :)
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