Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthday Card with Silhouette Cameo

An Owl Birthday card.  I used some old Stampin'Up Papers and this cute Owl and balloon from the Silhouette Store. 


  1. I love that owl.. What did u use for the embossing behind him.. Super cute.

  2. Lorrie, and you really really love it? I am really thinking about getting one. is it hard to learn? I would still use my cricut. but i am so liking what you are making. Does it cut out the tiny images good? thanks Sandy

  3. Sandy,
    I really love my Silhouette. Having said that, as much as you love the Cricut and as much as you have invested in cartridges, I don't know that you would really enjoy it as much as I do. It basically does the same thing without the cartridges and instead you use the Computer. The software is much like the gypsy and cricut craftroom. I didn't use my Cricut at all. I mean literally I hadn't touched it in about a year for my own use. I cut a few things for friends, but other than that I didn't use it. I love the SIlhouette because it cuts much more intricately than the Cricut and because I use it with all of my photoshop and digi images. I have a review coming on comparing the two machines. My advise would be you don't need both machines, my personal preference is the Silhouette. If you like using the computer and are good with software, manipulating images, etc, then you will love the Silhouette, but with your extensive library of cartridges, I don't think you are going to gain much by purchasing the Silhouette Cameo.


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