Sunday, July 1, 2012

Last week of Art of Oberservation with Heidi Swapp Memory Files

 Well it's week 12 and the final week of the Art of Oberservation class with Heidi Swapp.  It's been a fun 12 weeks and I've learned so many fun new ideas using Heidi's Memory File System.  Not to mention the "art of observation".  Learning to look at life a little more positively.  Here is the cover of my final "Gratitude" file.  This is a file I will use to DAILY (for the next 365 days) to write down at least one thing I am grateful for each day.
 This cute little paper stack was another one of Heidi's awesome ideas.  Why don't I think of stuff like this??
 This is my July Calendar.  Heidi gave us a template and I used photoshop to fill mine in.
 And a quick peak at August.  I've only completed two months and I need to finish up embellishing the inside of the the folder.
One final look at the outside.  I just loved this class and met so many amazing people on the Message Board.  Heidi was involved in the Message Board,  the Gallery and in every way.  It was fun getting to chat with her.  I'm going to miss this class.


  1. oh this sounds like fun.. i would love to try to do this next year.. Like i don't have enough unfinished projects to do..

  2. if she does another class like this and you hear of it, PLEASE let me know.. thanks Lorrie

  3. really missing the class this week too-- it was pushing me to get things done!!! love all the inspiration and you did a great job sharing your talents with us--- thanks Lorrie!

  4. Lorrie, I have enjoyed all the insight you have given in this class. I will miss it so. You deserve a spot on the Heidi Swapp Creative Team.. you have what it takes.

  5. I LOVE this idea! Thank you for sharing!


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