Saturday, March 8, 2014

Silhouette Tutorial - How to Print and Cut

Hello everyone.  I've got another tutorial for you.  This one came from a question a reader asked.  The question was "How do you print and cut an image from the Silhouette store".  It's a two-part question.  There are both PNC (Print and Cut) and (Cut only) images in the Silhouette store.  Both can be both printed and cut using the Silhouette software.  This video explains the difference.


  1. love love love your videos Lorrie I have watched so many video since I am really new to all this (had a cricut for years) but this is a whole other animal LOL and the way you explain things makes it very easy to understand I learned so much from the last 2 print and cut videos I had no idea about So sweet of you to take the time for all of us thank you Hugs Norine

  2. Great video, I am excited to look thru your site for more. Thanks, Kim


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