Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Thermoweb Zots & Glitter - Oh My! - Candle Holders

Hello again!  It's Lorrie here and this week on the Thermoweb Blog we've been featuring Tips and Tricks using the Thermoweb Zots.  As soon as I heard the theme for the week, I knew I wanted to use glitter and Zots.  I debated on whether to make a card using the zots and blue glitter to make raindrops, or perhaps zots and glitter on a picture frame?  There are endless possibilities.  Finally I decided to try candle holders.
I'll be honest.  Originally I thought I'd try to put the Zots right on the candles, and while it can be done, it's a bit tricky because of the waxiness of the candle to keep them in perfect circles.  Adding the Zots to the glass candle holders was a cinch.
t4Here is everything you need.  I found the candles and candle holders at the Dollar Tree.  Thermoweb Zots, Thermoweb Super Tape and Glitter!  Super easy.  Oh.... and if you have a significant other in your house like mine who isn't exactly as big of a glitter fan as I am, you may want something to protect your kitchen counter (and new kitchen rug)... just sayin'....keep the peace :)
t5Simply create your design by adding the Thermoweb Zots to the glass in the desired pattern.  I used Medium Zots here, but the small would be super cute as well.
I also created a striped pattern using the Thermoweb Super Tape.
Next, simply add glitter.  It helps if you press the glitter into the Zot or Super Tape with your finger before pouring off the excess.  I also found having a dry paint brush to brush away the excess glitter to be helpful.
This is a close up of the ZOT candle holder.  I love, love, love Gold Glitter.  It's so trendy right now.

Think outside the box and go "ZOT" something.  The world needs more Zots and Glitter!
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