Sunday, October 5, 2014

6 Things You Should Know About the Cricut Explore

Hi there!  I wanted to answer a few questions and clear up a few misconceptions regarding the Cricut Explore/Design Space.  The following questions are taken from responses to my review on Facebook as well as here on my blog.

1.  Does Design Space (The Cricut Explore software) only work with cartridges?
     No.  The Design Space Software allows the use of third party images, such as SVG, DXF,
     jpg, png, gif and bmp.  As a Cricut Explore/Design Space user you do not have to use a
     Cricut Cartridge ever if you don't want to.  Should you just want basic shapes, there is a free basic
     shape cartridge available in your Design Space library.

2.  How does the Subscription plan work?  Are you only allowed to "rent" images?

     The Cricut Subscription plan allows you access to over 50,000 images (recently increased by the
     addition of Imagine Cartridges).  You have access to those images as long as you are subscribed.

     There is an option to purchase individual images which are mostly $0.99 (some are more).
     Purchased images are yours to keep with or without a subscription.

     Cartridges which you already own or purchase in the future are linked to Design Space.  Those
     images are yours to use anytime with or without a subscription.  There are also digital
     cartridges available for purchase.

3.  I don't know if I would like web-based Design Space, what are the advantages?

     There are several advantages to having Design Space as a web-based software.  The first
     would be that Design Space allows you access to all of the images you own and all of your
     projects no matter which computer you are on and no matter where you are connected to
     the internet.  Your images and projects are stored within the Design Space library, which allows
     access from any computer.  No more downloading an image on your desktop, only to find when
     you switch to your laptop you either have to download the image again, or wait until you can
     access it.  Everything is available to you no matter what computer you are on, no matter where 
     you are using the software.

      You can use Design Space on an unlimited number of computers.  You are not limited to 
      2 licensed copies as most softwares are.  

      All of the tools in Design Space is available to every user without charge.  There is no upgrade, or
      special edition which allows you extra tools.  Cricut has given everyone the entire tool library to 
      use on as many computers as you want.
       Updates to the Design Space software happen while you're sleeping (for the most part).  All you
       need to do is log in.   Some updates require firmware (updating the machine), or plug in updates
       which are simply prompted when you log in.  

4.    Can the Explore cut Chipboard thicker than cereal box weight?

        Yes.  The Cricut Explore offers a deep blade accessory which allows cutting of  heavy 
        chipboard, leather,  acrylic, acetate, balsa wood, fun foam just to name a few.   

5.     What is the advantage of the bluetooth adapter? If you have to use the computer 
        anyway, I don't understand why I need a bluetooth adapter.

        The advantages of bluetooth are as follows:
        a.  Allows you to put the Explore anyplace in your craft area.  I, personally, have mine set up
             on a table behind my desk.  It allows me to not have a cord going across the room, and allows
             me more desktop work space.
        b.  The bluetooth adapter allows you access to the Make It Now IPad Application.  The 
             Make it Now App provides  you access to lots of ready to go projects with your IPad.

6.   What is the Print Then Cut Feature?  Does the Explore Print?  Do I need a special printer?

       The Print Then Cut feature allows the user to print and image, and then cut the image out.
       The image is printed on your regular home printer, just as you would print anything from your
       computer.  You then take that printed image, put it on your Cricut mat and the Explore will cut 
       the image.  You have some control as to where exactly it will cut the image (outlines, or more
       detailed).  No special printer is required, an ordinary household inkjet or laser printer works fine.

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