Sunday, March 20, 2016

Flip Books - What are they, How Do I Make one and What Should I include?

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As you may know, I've been on a flip book craze for a little while now.  I have had so many questions about flip books so I thought I would make a flip books for beginners video/tutorial for you.

Before we get to the video... this is a flip book.  It is a pen pal crafty way to get to know other crafty friends.

 You create the book from scratch.  This is just a basic book, but there is no end to the style of book you can create.

Each book is filled with fun little crafty goodies the recipient can admire or take out and use.  It's often recommended that you include a note about yourself and maybe some fun facts about your life.

 We have lots of fun Flip Book Swaps, as well as pocket letter swaps, card and tag swaps, etc. in our Facebook group called Swap It!  Come join us!  We organize all the swaps and partners and it's really a lot of fun getting to know the group. 

Now... Here's the tutorial

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