Sunday, October 9, 2016

A fun Flip Book

 I'm excited to show you what I spent my Sunday morning creating!  I fun new flip book
 It's full of lots of textures and interactive pockets, flips, etc.

 With a surprise clear cover on the front, which gives this an added elements of  fun!
 I really love the interactive elements
 And all of the layers, textures and different papers

 Let's take a look page by page
 I created a fun shaker on the inside cover.

 This page opens up to a fun pocket
 A library pocket and gold doily vellum really add some jazz to these pages

 I used a paper bag folded over for the page on the left.  This was a fun idea that came to me about 2AM last night!
 Lots of fun goodies tucked inside the envelope and the paper bag
Want to see a video of the  book.... well here you go.... I just happen to have one below

view sourceprint? 01 09 10