Thursday, January 26, 2017

Cricut Tote Bags

I am so EXCITED to show you what arrived at my doorstep!  

I just received my new Cricut Tote Bags, and let me just say... these are not your ordinary tote bags!

They are made of such high quality construction and materials.  Cricut really took the time to get these right.  I have owned several of the standard rolling totes for crafting, but never anything like these.

I have this thing packed with supplies and still have a lot of room left for plenty more!

I love how organized everything is.  I also love the fact that this rolling tote become a workstation.  The lid attaches to the rolling tote handle so that you can work right out of your tote

There are velcro bags that attach to the lid so that you can keep all of those little tools and bits in place.  I used one for my spray paints so that I don't risk a leak in the bag.  Brillant, Cricut!!

I love that they stack on top of one another.  The rolling tote rolls on all four wheels, so it's super easy to get in and out of the crop.  The material is this beautiful tweed charcoal gray color.  I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw how gorgeous these are.  I think I'm going to add the shoulder bag to my set!

They are on sale now!  If you use Code LORRIE you can get an additional 15% off and free shipping.  If you're an access member, you get another 10% off that!   You can see all three bags and order here.  For a close up look, watch my video below:

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