Friday, April 21, 2017

Memory Dex Cards - I've gone off the deep end!

This is one of my favorite sayings.  She believed she could... so she did.
and then she did it again.........
and again.......

 It's happened again.  I've gotten obsessed over another craze and this time it's Memory Dex Cards!
Warning... this blog post is PICTURE HEAVY!

 I can't stop making these!  I even get up every morning and make one before I go work.  It's consuming my brain at all hours of the night!
 I think it's because they are so quick and easy to make.  There's no big time slot required to make one from start to finish.  They don't take a lot of supplies.  They are great for using up all those little bits and pieces left over from other projects.
 They are a great way to try new things, new colors and techniques.
I have tried to make the majority of mine "inspirational".  It's fun to flip through and see all the positive quotes.
 But sometimes... I just have to add a little Tiffany's
... and Kate Spade.  Who doesn't love those?
 We are having such a great time in our Facebook Group "Memory Dex Swaps".  You should see the
 creative talents of our members!  They keep upping the bar and I love it!   Please come and join us!

 Some of our members like to swap cards with one another, and others are making them for themself.
 Either way, we love to see what you're creating and inspire one another.
 You never know what your Memory Dex might look like.  The card above was inspired by a raining afternoon.
 And this one was inspired by a card I saw in Walgreens.
 What would your card look like?  Would you stamp on it?  Would you watercolor (oh how I wish I could watercolor).
Or maybe you will make a yummy yarn bow and attach it?
Or, just maybe you're a shaker card kind of person?  This was inspired by a card I saw on instagram.
 With brave wings she flies...... I think we all need that reminder now and then
Well Hello there!

Oh hey!  I mean, really the possibilities are endless!
 Make a difference.  Simple enough.
 Just say "hi."
 No significance to the #8, but I've always liked it because it reminds me of the sign for infinity.
 Another Hello.  That's all
 I decided to use up some of my Planner Society kits and created a few more dex cards

 and then there was this Happy Mail Stamp set that was screaming to be used.
 and who doesn't need a heart shaker
 Forgot to punch the holes before I took a picture.  I get so excited when I complete one.

Hello, beautiful!

Sometimes, you're just feeling blessed!

or maybe you want to celebrate "friends"
 My favorite place to be.....

Lemonade anyone?

I've got lots more to share, but I think I'll save a few for later.  I wouldn't want you to think I've completely lost it! :)

If you'd like to join in the fun, here are some fun products to get you started:
Create fun Rolodex/Memory Dex Cards with the Cricut

Memory Dex Roller File:
Memory Dex Punch:
Memory Dex Dies:
Memory Dex Inserts:

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