Tuesday, January 9, 2018

I’ve Moved!

Hey there blogger friends!  I apologize for my lack of posts over here. A lot of fun endeavors and new opportunities have kept me pretty busy. The good news is, Ive created a new blog!  Come follow me  at LorrieNunemaker.com. I’ve already added a few new posts and tutorials for the new year !

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  1. Thank you for you! I just got a Cricut Maker for Christmas. I found your videos when I realized upon opening the box how much Overwhelmed I was and how much I needed to learn. Instantly I felt at ease with your videos. My reason for the Maker is to help my son's toy charity but I also knit,crichet,scrapbook and barely sew and quilt. To many hobbies which is great. Anyway in just 3 weeks your videos and cheat sheets have so educated me. I have the original Cricut Machine from 2006 but this is so much more.Even more you have put the sewing and quilting bug back in me. So I'm looking for a new sewing machine to add to my craft room. I have a cheap brother machine that has had issues since day one. So after the easy press comes my next purchase is a sewing machine. I have a server that is about 25 years old,top of the line way back then. Never used it,it was inherited. This may just get me using that too. My son has a toy charity and the Maker is going to allow us to do so much and save a lot of money...like for example toy bags.The money we will save will let us uy more toys. He started his charity 24 years ago when he was 6 yrs old. More than 100,000 children have received Christmas,toy bags during sickness and difficult times,Easter Baskets etc.Decals,toy bags,baby clothes all will be helpful with the Maker. Again thank you for helping me to be able to understand my new Maker and allow it to become so useful in helping children in our area and throughout the USA.


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