Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Camera... lights... Action

Well I was looking at my camera and I noticed.. A) the lense was filthy... B) the setting that I always have on "AUTO" had been moved to some other setting that I don't even know what it's for... and C) well there really isn't a C, but you should never have an A & B without a C, right?!? Well anyway.. the moral of this story is I think I figured out why I've been having such crappy photos.. they have been blurry and just not good... DUH...Lorrie.. sometimes I wonder about you!!!!?!?!

Anywho... stay tuned.. hopefully future photos will be better.. I really do have a nice camera.. I wondered why I suddenly couldn't get a decent photo.. or maybe I was just trying to blur those wrinkles away... lol


  1. HA HA HA Lorrie that's funny. You really should try using the manual mode.You can get some awesome pics that way.

  2. Ha, Ha, too funny. I like my camera because it makes me look like Rachel Ray. According to you anyway. Ha,Ha, LOL! .;)

  3. that is so funny! I had a dirty lens to and it was driving me nuts that all my pic had this same annoying spot on it. I actually cleaned my computer screen twice not thinking it was my camera!! can't wait for future pics! :) :)


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