Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Updated the Blog and other uninteresting news lol

Well I updated the blog background again.. still not sold on this one.. but it's kinda fun. I lost my little tabs at the top :(... I tried to add them back in, but there's something about this template that they just weren't jiving with. Let me know what you think.

On to other news... my Stampin' Up! order came today. I got the new In Color Markers, three of the Designer Paper Packs, the assorted cardstock and a set of stamps... wooohoo.. wasn't in the mood to use them today, but still excited to get them. Thanks Barb! I love all of it!

Further news... I'm down to the last two kittens. (Which I'm keeping...sssshhhh Doug still thinks we're only keeping one.. ).. We've named the two new baby girls Lacey and Lily... isn't that cuuuuttteeee!!!?? :) They are sooo sweet. My daughter's boyfriend took one of the other kittens and he brought her over for a playdate with her sisters tonight... too funny. I'm so going to be a crazy grandma!

So.. As Al Roker says.. that's what's going on in my corner of the world.. what's going on in yours?


  1. Wow, just wow!! Love this blog!! So happy you like your new SU Stuff.
    Love your happy blog!! Barb

  2. Lorrie,
    I love your new look. Have fun with your new SU goodies.

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  4. I like your new blog, Lorrie ... very cheerful. I'm glad you're keeping two kittens, everybody needs a buddy!

    Jo xx

  5. OMG I love your new blog. Its fantastic. Did Magoo help you do this? It makes you just want to SMILE :)

  6. Thanks everyone... no this isn't one of Magoo's, but aren't hers great!?!?!?... it's a premade template...

  7. Hi Lorrie, I do love your blog, your chatty way of writing always raises a smile with me. You remind me of my daughter, I may adopt you...
    have a great weekend,
    En x

  8. this is so happy! great job! I'm so glad I'm back from vacation and can get caught up on everyone's blog!!!


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