Monday, September 7, 2009

Challenge #6 - Life's a Beach

This cartridge has tons of things I like on it, but I wanted to do this card idea and it's the only cartridge I could think of with a chair. I may do this another time and come up with one of the more adorable cuts, but I needed the chair! We don't have a comfy chair or sofa on any cartridges, do we?!?!


  1. Very Cute card! Great colors and paper. :)

  2. cute, makes me want to grab a chair and head for the beach or backyard.

  3. Lori, that is so cute and so creative to use that chair. I am just loving all of your stuff!

  4. I love that sentiment!! :) :) now that I think of it...I don't think there ARE any other chairs....hmmmm.... I can't wait to start using all my carts soon!


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