Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A funny story.. you all know how I am about my furbabies...!

Well this was 2 years or so ago. We had a cat named Milo.. and Milo was a wonderful kitten, but totally had the wild spirit and would often go spend the weekend at the neighbors house (the fresh tuna cans they put out for him helped)... but anywho... Milo.. well eventually little Milo just quit coming home, I asked the neighbors and they hadn't seen him either. I came to terms with the fact that he'd probably gotten hit or something, (I live on a busy road). Jump forward about 8 months... I'm walking in PetSmart.. and it's kitty day.. so of course I have to go look.. and OMG! There's MILO! he's in the case, he sees me.. he's pawing at the glass... I'm freaking OUT! I go get the manager and I say.. where did you get this cat, I'm sure this is my cat Milo! So he goes and looks and says it's through Pet Refuge and gives me the name of the foster mom. So I ask to hold the cat.. oh.. did I forget to mention that Milo now only had 3 legs?!?! HE HAD FOUR WHEN HE WENT MISSING!.. but that's later in the story... so I go in the little room and hold Milo.. and he's head butting me like he always did and purring like crazy his missing leg makes me feel so bad for him.. it's his front right leg (it's just a stub)... poor thing.. what could have possible happened to him.. so I call my daughter who if possible loves animals even more than I do.. and tell her.. I FOUND MILO...! HE'S AT PETSMART, I'm holding him right now.. come down here (It's about 1.5 miles from my house). So she hops in the car and comes right away with her boyfriend. She's freaked out that he's now missing a leg.. and I tell her.. "he's been through something terrible.. it's still Milo.. so she reluctantly takes him.. and he purrs like crazy. Well I tell the manager my name and number and tell him I will contact the owner as soon as I get home and see what to do. So I go home and call the owner/foster mom.. ok.. this cat has been in her custody since it was a couple weeks old.. the leg was amputated when it was a couple months old.. it's NOT MILO!!!! LOL So now I have to tell my daughter I made her cuddle a 3 legged cat that wasn't MILO! and... now I feel bad because this cat loved us and we did him. So I go to Petsmart and tell the manager it turns out it's not my cat, but I'd be interested in adopting him.. he said he was $100. I asked how much are the other cats, he said $100 and I said "But he's only got 3 legs, he should be $75! Of course my daughter is mortified by this point... so end of story.. I didn't take my fake Milo... and I don't go to Petsmart anymore! I'm sure they all thought I lost my marbles!
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