Friday, October 2, 2009

ALL about me book challenge #2

I had some time this evening and went ahead and did challenge #2 - which is "humble beginnings".. it's supposed to be a page about your birth, your stats and any stories you may have of that day. I did my journaling on a hidden tag and I did not put a title on this page. I photo copied my birth certificate and birth announcement (blurred for obvious reasons)...


  1. Lorrie, this is great. I thought about doing the "all about me" but don't have but one picture of me when I was little..

  2. Lorrie now you even got me to thinking of doing one for my son!!!
    Off to work I have an awesome weekend!
    Love the new look to your blog....mine is frozen will not let me change it...I tried 4 times! I will grab your button when I get home!


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