Friday, October 30, 2009

All About Me Book - Challenge #5

Just finished the dad side of my book...

Similar to last week, this week is to focus on your parents. I thought I would do a two page layout. One for my mother and one for my father. I've only got mom's page done so far, this week has been crazy... washer went out.. I mean it DIED... finally got a new washer/dryer set today, so I've been catching up the laundry.. son has been ill, work is crazy... life is getting in the way of my crafting! lol Anyway... here's my "mom" layout. Isn't she just gorgeous!?!?! (And Yes, I just noticed I misspelled Courageous!... dang.. another redo!)


  1. Lorrie, this is lovely ... just wonderful ... and wow, you really look a lot like your mom. I'm looking forward to seeing the next page.

    Jo xx

  2. Gorgeous LO! Your album is going to be amazing when you are done. Love the paper....I have that stack, too. : )

  3. This is breathtaking Lorrie, I can see how much love you put into these 2 pages, oh my gosh~wow. seriously.

  4. Lorrie, that is just stunning! Your mom is beautiful!! What an amazing album that is going to be!!


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