Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holy Slice!

Oh My Goodness! I bought the Slice a while back... I think in the beginning of Sept or so.. anyway.. I love it it works great. Then I bought the tagmaker cartridge to go with it and the accessories to make the tags... well I tried to make a tag it it cut all wonky, the circles would not fit into the rims. So I contacted Making Memories and no response. I emailed them a second time and I got a response that basically said our techs are looking into this issue, so I wrote back a third time and wasn't so nice... I explained that if there is a known issue then the product needs to be pulled from the shelf as the entire system is a bit expensive, and if it's just my Slice's issue, then replace it. Well, I got a letter from a higher up apologizing for the lack of a resolution to my problem and he said they would be sending me a brand new slice and a few goodies for my troubles. Well the box came today... HOLY SLICE! They sent me FIVE cartridges, the tool kit, the cartridge case, the embossing kit and a new machine.... OH MY GOSH! How fun!!!! Now I already have one of the cartridges they sent me... so if you have a Slice let me know which carts you have and if you don't have it, I'll RAK the one they sent. If there's more than once person, I'll draw a name. Woohooo! Guess that's my Black Friday!! :)
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