Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Snow Friends

Well I finally took Snow Friends out of the clamshell wrapping and gave it a whirl. The
picture doesn't show the bling. She's got glitter on the trim of her coat, hat, gloves and shoes and a bit on the snow flakes.. it's really sparkly, but the picture doesn't show it.


  1. Im really diggin this cutie pie snowgirl. Love the colors. Oh and I think its time I get some christmas music on my blog. :)

  2. ooooooh lorrie, i love this little cutie!! and i love the christmassy blog background too, might have to sort myself out with a bit of christmassy bling too!!!! xxxxx

  3. Oh, he is so cute! I can't wait until I get mine next week.

  4. Oh my gosh so cute and I didnt' think I needed this cart. Just adorable!


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