Friday, February 4, 2011

A Genius Bar????

Let me share with you my Mac Story. I have a Macbook (laptop). I love my macbook. She sits with me and entertains me while Doug watches his westerns, football or whatever.
Recently baby mac stopped "waking up" from her naps. I was so worried. I called my computer guy and, of course, she didn't sleep a wink while he babysat her for a couple of days. We ended up putting a new hard drive in and thought that was it. You can guess what happened next. I get her back and immediately she goes down for a nap and won't wake up AGAIN. This time she was down for good. Called the computer guy... and after a couple of CPR attempts... he said.. "that's not good"...:( A trip to the Apple Store and a week and half later, she's all better.   A new logic board and the best part... FREE OF CHARGE!!! They initially told me it would be $1000 if it was a logic board.. then they told me $310... well... I went to pick her up today and was told no charge! I was a very happy girl! To that end I really hate to say anything negative about Apple... they are truly a great company, however, I have to put this out there.  A GENIUS BAR?  GENUIS?  If you've never been to an Apple Store.. let me warn you.  They refer to their technicians as Geniuses.. and if your take you mac in for a repair you are instructed to go the GENIUS Bar.  I find this a bit obnoxious.  Is it me or does that insinuate that the "apple people" are superior to their customer?  I called so many times this week to get an update only to be told.. "I'm sorry, there is only one GENIUS working today, so I can't really tell you anything other than the GENIUS will call you when he is finished with your computer."... WHAT?  I actually asked the guy I was talking to.. "So what is YOUR TITLE?  Are you a GENIUS.. you could hear the somber defeated tone in his voice as he said.. "No, I am not a genius...  I will find someone with Genius clearance and have them return a call to you"....  SERIOUSLY????  Genius Clearance???  Really????!!  What IS that?

So anyway..... we've been getting reaquainted tonight. Funny, I have a very large Imac in the other room who is newer, shinier, larger and faster, but all I could think about was baby mac. I know, I have issues... I'm working on them.
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