Friday, February 11, 2011

Weightloss First Friday

I started the weightloss program on Monday, it's now Friday.  I've decided to weigh in on Fridays hoping that it will keep me in check for the weekend (Don't want to undo what I've accomplished during the week on a weekend splurge).  So, I weighed myself this morning and guess what??? 4 pounds! Woot Woot!  I know the first week always is the biggest and now it will probably be a pound or two a week, but for now, I am excited.  I would totally be lying if I said I wasn't dying for a big plate of Fettucine Alfredo about now!

Oh, and a little side note.  One time I read that if you are going to eat a fast food breakfast a McDonald's Breakfast Burrito was a good choice.  I have been going to McDonald's for over a year almost every morning and getting two breakfast burritos.  Yesterday, I didn't have time for breakfast so I thought well I will swing in and get 1 burrito.  While waiting in the line at the drive thru I googled from my phone "Calories in a McDonald's Breakfast Burrito".  OMG!  320... IN ONE.  All this time I have been downing 640 calories before I even got to work !   So, needless to say it went something like this...

"Welcome to McDonald's can I interest you in a Mocha Latte?"

"One LARGE DIET COKE, please and that will be all."

$1.07, please drive around

I get to the window and the lady said... "No Burritos?"  I said... no, I am in rehab! :(
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