Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weight Loss

It's been a long hard winter and it's only the beginning of February.  I, along with a few of my close family and and friends, have soothed the winter blues with lots of scrumptious home cooked comfort meals and unfortunately the pounds came with it.  I am setting a goal on for myself of 15 pounds.  (I really could lose about 20, but let's tackle one goal at a time.   So I've set a counter on the sidebar and am hereby holding myself accountable.  I have tried repeatedly, but when I don't see the the immediate change in the scales, I lose faith and figure why not eat the yummy Chick-fil-a sandwhich that I so love.  My thought process is this... I will write down everything I eat... EVERYTHING.  I am thinking maybe I can shame myself into following the program.  :)  Want to try it with me?  Let me know... I would love to support you in your weightloss goal and would love to have your support.
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