Sunday, November 29, 2009

A card with my Slice

I mentioned a few posts ago that I got some free Slice Cartridges. Among them I received the Mistletoe cartridge. I made this card from that cartridge.

Owl Christmas Card

Just a quick card.. I'm working on them for a few minutes here and there.. hopefully I'll have enough when the time comes to send them out. BTW.. when do you send out your Christmas/Holiday Cards? I got two in the mail today.. (Nov 28th)... whew.. that's motivation!

My try at the Martha Stewart Branch Punch

Bought this punch last year and was too intimidated to try it. Well one more thing I can cross off my list... "Use MS Branch punch"... Check

Book about Me - Challenge #6

Well, I took a break from the Book about Me so I'm a few weeks behind in challenges.. but next in line was Challenge #5 - Your Siblings.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Inspired by my Blog Header! LOL

I was looking at my blog header and thought.. hmmm...

Inspired by Custom Crops

This card was inspired by one I saw on Custom Crops. I love sewing in cards.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holy Slice!

Oh My Goodness! I bought the Slice a while back... I think in the beginning of Sept or so.. anyway.. I love it it works great. Then I bought the tagmaker cartridge to go with it and the accessories to make the tags... well I tried to make a tag it it cut all wonky, the circles would not fit into the rims. So I contacted Making Memories and no response. I emailed them a second time and I got a response that basically said our techs are looking into this issue, so I wrote back a third time and wasn't so nice... I explained that if there is a known issue then the product needs to be pulled from the shelf as the entire system is a bit expensive, and if it's just my Slice's issue, then replace it. Well, I got a letter from a higher up apologizing for the lack of a resolution to my problem and he said they would be sending me a brand new slice and a few goodies for my troubles. Well the box came today... HOLY SLICE! They sent me FIVE cartridges, the tool kit, the cartridge case, the embossing kit and a new machine.... OH MY GOSH! How fun!!!! Now I already have one of the cartridges they sent me... so if you have a Slice let me know which carts you have and if you don't have it, I'll RAK the one they sent. If there's more than once person, I'll draw a name. Woohooo! Guess that's my Black Friday!! :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

My final lesson in online class

Well this is nothing speical, just using some things learned in the last lesson.. (how to make trapezoidal photos.... anywho.. anyone interested, I highly recommend Jessica Sprague's online classes. Starting today (Monday, 11/23/09) she's offering 20% discount on everything on her website. Great time to sign up and start. I just purchased the next set of classes. I started with Up and Running with Photoshop Elements and now I'm going to start Now We're Rockin' with Photoshop. I also used some of my new Stampin Digital Studio Software elements on this layout that I designed in Photoshop.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Winter Woodland Snow Girl

Playing with Winter Woodland today. That little snowgirl is so cute! The paper is Peppermint Forest and the Stamp is Stampin' Up... a birthday gift from Barb (aka Snowmanlover)... Thanks Barb!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gypsy Pinwheel Card

I did it! I made a pinwheel card all by myself! LOL

Lesson #4 - Learning Photoshop

Here's my latest lesson from Photoshop Elements classes with Jessica Sprague.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sewing on cards

Well this morning I was getting ready for work when I noticed a big 'ole hole in the back of my sweater, so I had to get the sewing machine out and do a quick fix. Since it was out and I had time I thought..hmmm... why not! lol So, whipped this up with some scraps

Another card using the New Christmas Solutions cartridges. The pic makes the snow look kind of funky, but it looks better in person. Come on over.. I'll show you! :)


Whew.. this card went through about 4 makeovers! I could not get it right. It started out as a penguin card and was a long card.. that didn't work out, so I tried to use the same elements and turn it around the other direction... still wasn't working for me, so I came up with another thought, lose the penguins and go with this stamp.. then I stamped this right on the cardstock and it was a bad I lopped off the ends of the card and this is where I ended up with my happy penguin card! lol

A paper pack/kit from Tuesday Morning

I found this paper pack/kit at Tuesday Morning. Again, it was the fun Christmas Colors I've been jonesing over this season.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

One more quick card

So, I found out that I didn't load half of the elements on the Digital Studio. There's two disk. If you get it, be sure and load both! lol So, I wanted to look around and see what was added and in the process came up with this. Again, I would just use this as a template to actually make the card.

Another Cool thing about My Digital Studio

Just messing around with this software. You can design a card on the program using SU product, then you can tweak it, change colors, move it around instead of wasting your actual product - you just create it here, then use your punches, paper, ribbons to create the actual card.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Digital Studio - Stampin' Up

Just a couple of clicks and I changed it up. LOVE IT!

I just got My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up... let me tell you, if you're wanting a digital studio software this is the way to go... this is very user friendly. I literally just uploaded the software about 30 minutes ago and put this together. It's nothing spectacular, but I just wanted to share how simple this is to use.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Snow Friends

Well I finally took Snow Friends out of the clamshell wrapping and gave it a whirl. The
picture doesn't show the bling. She's got glitter on the trim of her coat, hat, gloves and shoes and a bit on the snow flakes.. it's really sparkly, but the picture doesn't show it.

Tried Winter Woodland

In keeping with my color scheme... here's a new card. This one was made from Winter Woodland. The glitter never shows in the photos.. the trees are sparkly... :(. I love this paper pack.. it's K & Co... super cute.. of course it's the pinks, greens, blues that I'm so lovin' this year.

Monday, November 16, 2009

My kitty train

Isn't this too cute... my kitties are sleeping in a train! lol Izzy (the gray) is the mother to Lacey (middle) and Lilly (the caboose!)

Bring on the Christmas Music

OK... I've done it. I turned on the Holiday Music!!! I absolutely love the holiday music. I pack all my cd slots in my car with Christmas CD's, my ipod is full.. by Dec 26th, I'm so over it.. but you gotta enjoy it while it's here!

LOVIN' the Colors for Christmas

I am absolutely loving the pinks, greens and blues this holiday season. (As if you couldn't tell by my blog! LOL)... Anyway, here's a simple card.

Back to my Photoshop Classes

With all the work on the blog and finishing my mini girls weekend album, I haven't had time to get back to my online classes for Photoshop. Tonight I thought I'd try a quick bonus lesson that was included. These pictures are from my yard this past spring. Hard to believe it's almost Christmas!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Black Friday Ads

Check out this website for the Black Friday Ads!

My Katie... the BEST DOG EVER!

I took this photo of my Katie.. she was having the best time in the piles of leaves... I was really trying to make piles so we could pick them up... she kept burying her ball in the pile, then running and sliding through the leaves... Katie! lol

Girls Weekend 2009 Mini Album

I finally finished my Girls Weekend 2009 mini album. Thought I'd share with everyone, this is picture heavy! lol Between the four of us we had over 600 photos! WHEW!

Day one... SHOPPING.. I believe these particular photos are Hobby Lobby. We were armed with COUPONS!
After shopping, off to Hacienda for Margaritas!!! Wooohoo! Guess What? Robyn Loves Strawberry Margaritas! Who knew!!?

After lunch, it was back to the house for Strawberry Daq's and a little rest time before our big night out.
Here we are all ready for our night on the town... we talked my daughter into taking photos... she kept saying.. "MOM, YOUR EYES!".. lol
Never ones to miss a photo op.. we even took photos on the way to our destination...
Yes, I'm driving in this photo.. but Jodie took the picture!
OK... so here we all in all our glory... we had soo much fun! A lot of classmates joined us, sorry for the glare on the photos

We danced the night away!!!
OK.. just for the record, I posed for that picture, I was not really singing... (well not in that picture anyway!) lol
On the train headed to Chicago... can you tell we kinda had too much fun the night before.. all I can say is it was a LOOONNNNGGGG train ride!
We had lunch at the top of the Hancock Building (the Signature Room)... Robyn took this awesome picture from up there.. you can see the whole city from the women's BATHROOM!

After a long day and a lot of walking in Chicago.. we were back on the train, headed home

Cocktails anyone?

The end.. thanks for looking!!!

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