Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spicy Turkey Burgers.... YUM!!!!

As Doug and I continue on our new healthy eating journey, we keep trying to find new and exciting recipes to try to keep things from getting boring.  These were a hit!  I think tonight is our third time making them. Doug wasn't too keen on trying "turkey burgers", but never one to not try something, he played along and guess what?  He loved them.  Give it a try.  I found the recipe on the net, but tweaked it.  The original recipe called for Cilantro, if you like it go for it.  It called for 1/2 CUP!  ick! I added a bit of parley instead.  I also used red jalepeno peppers in a jar for some added zing and a dash of hot sauce.  You can't go wrong.
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