Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hippy Chic!

I USED MY CRICUT and not only that, I took the Easter Cart out of the clamshell wrapping that it has been nestled in now for a few months...WOOOHOOO.. I SO ROCK! lol Now I'm out of practice.. the chic should've been much smaller, who knew 3.3/4 would be that big, right?!?!?!? Anywho... did I say.. I USED MY CRICUT!?!?!!!!!!!
I had no idea where I was going on this one. I picked papers, put the first mat on...looked around found another that matched. Made a tag, then thought "now What?"... saw my SU bird punch.. ok, that's quick and easy... that'll work... hmmmm that corner is still empty... hey, let's just cut off a corner of cardstock and stick it on... there all done! Seriously, that's how that one went together. Sometimes I want to craft, but I sit down and have "creators block".. that ever happen to you?
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