Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just a Lorrie Story

So... I have one of those nifty eyebrow trimmers, I use it on my daughter all the time who tends to grow a unibrow if left unattended. Well I am of the age that I have a few strays once in awhile to pluck, but other than that, that's about it. So you'd think I'd grab tweezers and shape up those one or two stray eyebrows every now and then...right? Oh, no.. I'm in too big of a hurry to do that so I get the turbo eyebrow thingy and think I'll just get them real quick. Now.. refer back to me letting you all know that I now need reading glasses.. (hence I can't see up close). So.. there I am, face in the mirror attempting to get the three little hairs that appeared in the arch of my eyebrow. I'm satisfied I got them... I step back.. put the gadget away and proceed to look in the mirror... I SHAVED OFF HALF MY EYEBROW!!! SERIOUSLY!! OMG! Well, it was over a week ago that I did that (it took me this long to share it with you because I was moritified). They are starting to grow back in already, but I have to tell you something funny... I went to the drugstore and bought ROGAINE for women and have been using a cotton swab to put it on my browless eyebrow every morning and night, then I Googled "how to make your eyebrows grow faster" and read about castor oil... so I put that on my eyebrow every night too! lol Why does this stuff always happen to me. It's growing in, but it's very sparse, I do not have those thin little eyebrows (well, right now I have one and a half). So, ladies... no this will not be a POD on my 365 blog, but heed the warning... slow down, take your time or you, too, could end up with only 1.5 eyebrows!
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